Premier High School

Premier High School serves students in grades 9-12 even those older than 18 that want to return to make up credits. Students who excel at Premier High School enjoy working independently and are self-motivated. Premier High School students are interested in credit recovery, receiving a diploma, flexible schedules, and/or vocational training.

iSchool High & Quest Collegiate Academy

iSchool and Quest are a tuition-free public charter schools with personalized instruction. Students are able to master their coursework and learn to become upstanding citizens as they prepare for college. Our personalized approach, blended learning curriculum, and dedicated staff make us the best, no-cost public school option for families looking for a more personalized education.

Classical Academy

Our Classical Academies allow scholars to develop a sense of belonging, an understanding of self, and an awareness of their place in (and impact on) the world around them. Learning is non-negotiable, we can, we will, we must be successful.

iSchool Virtual Academy

Our fully-accredited online public school is a tuition-free program for 3rd to 12th grade students. Plus, we also offer credit-recovery through our program! Best of all, your student can complete 100% of their education in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Founders Classical Academy

We believe that the end (goal) of public education in America is to form responsible citizens and virtuous people who are prepared to flourish. We seek the growth of classical schools in general, and Founders in particular, to promote these two essential ends on a national scale. We believe that when classical schools and related educational programs become widespread and the quality of students these schools produce are recognized, we will begin to see a significant transformation in our country in terms of civic outcomes and moral conduct.